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Chub mackerel (also known as Scomber Japonucis, Pacific mackerel, or Pacific Chub Mackerel)

Mostly caught using midwater trawling techniques. Mid-water trawls generally aim to catch large schools of a single fish so the incidental bycatch tends to be low.


Our chub Mackerel is caught more sustainably on smaller vessels, packed on ice and brought to shore daily to be IQF frozen the same day. 

Most adult fish are between 20-30cm long, though they can be as large as 50cm.

  1. Excellent export quality

  2. FOA 47

  3. Packed individually - IQF, land frozen

  4. Exported in boxes of approximately 8kg each

  5. Sizing - mostly 20 - 25's


Price available upon request.

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